Poverty and HIV/AIDS have devastated many families in Uganda and Malawi who find that they have great difficulty in finding the money to educate their children especially at Secondary level.

When young people are not going to school there is always the danger that they will be drawn in to drinking or drugs or in the case of the girls there is the temptation to make unwise marriages.

As a Charity we really to try and help young people make wise decisions and help where we can to provide support for educational needs. Young people or their parents are coming to us all the time for help.

In Uganda we have two schools where children can get the help they desperately need.
The Primary and Junior School – Ray of Hope Community School has children from toddlers up to 12 years of age.
The Hope Christian High School takes children from 13 up to 18 years or even older as the complete their education.

Some young people who are academically able go on to Universities while other go into Vocational Training.

In Limbe in Malawi there is Penuel Junior School.

We have had a number of young people being supported by friends in the UK. Some by groups and some as individuals.

Children write to their sponsors.

To support a Junior School child costs £12:50 a month
To support a child at the Secondary School costs £25:00 a month
£40 covers the cost of of a young person in Vocational Training at University or College.

Children for Sponsorship

We send periodic reports about our children and regular Newsletters generally after members of the HFL Team and Visitors have made visits.

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